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Barbara King painting for sale - Brancaster Staithe

Brancaster Staithe
Night's Early Light

Brancaster Staithe Norfolk

Brancaster Staithe
Getting Ready to Sail

Blue Boat Brancaster Staithe Norfolk painting

Brancaster Staithe
Blue Boat


Born and educated in Norwich, Barbara studied art in Essex and Devon before graduating in Art History at the University of London. She worked for several years in the Exhibition Department of the Arts Council of Great Britain and at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank where she helped coordinate the ACGB touring exhibitions programme.
Now back in Norfolk, much of her work reflects her affinity with the county through subjects that embrace the diverse colours and shapes of the coastline, the ever-changing moods of the vast East Anglian skies and the wild beauty of the natural and cultivated countryside.
The geometry of intersecting lines such as telegraph wires, ropes, masts etc are frequently used in her work to give a composition depth or a more abstract quality. Looking for elements which provide a more challenging view of the literal world also engendered her absorbing interest in the shapes and patterns created by shadows and reflections. Often overlooked, these transient and intangible phenomena can, through distortion and the use of different light sources, offer virtually abstract images.
In contrast to the calm and tranquillity of the sea and landscapes are the bright and vigorous paintings of East Anglian folk dancers in which the action and exuberance of the dancers are caught in a moment of time.

Barbara has exhibited and sold paintings at the Mall Gallery in London, in solo shows and galleries throughout Norfolk and is a member of the West Norfolk Artists Association, Devon Artist Network and the SAA.

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